I've always loved doing my own nails. I was slightly obsessed with it during the summer between 8th and 9th grade. I'd do my nails several times a day. That's when I fell in love with glitter polish. Thankfully, it's made a comeback. The 90s were painfully bleak. Since artificial nails came on the scene I have never had any. I manage to keep mine at a length that's long enough for them to look nice (with glitter!), it used to be that there was only one way to have nails put on but now you can choose from several styles.
Do you like any of these?
Note: These are not my nails. 
I don't like this one, they look too square and weird. I haven't seen these anywhere other than online so hopefully it's a fad that doesn't take off.

I first saw this style on Pinterest several months ago, I thought it was creepy then, and now I've seen it pop up on Instagram on Giada De Laurentiis (who I used to follow but recently quit following) and also twice in real life. They just look like weapons to me. I get that it's the latest fad but, I don't know, it seems a little Cruella DeVille to me. 

These aren't too bad. I don't like that pink in the mani, but the shape is okay.

This is still my favorite look. Well, maybe with the corners rounded off slightly. It's still a little blunt for my taste.
How about you? Which do you prefer? Have you seen these in your area?  


  1. I used to like my nails long. As a contact wearer, though, I find it's really not fun to do with longer nails! Haha The thought of those pointy ones just terrifies me!!

  2. i worked with a lady who had the second one. looks like claws to me! :) i do love the shape of the third. the fourth is my fav.


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