My bookshelf

This is the bookshelf in my bedroom. I have it organized so I know where the books are that I need to review, where the books are that I'm keeping because I loved them so much, and where the others that I just need to read sometime are. When it's time to pick a new book sometimes I can walk right up to my shelf and grab one. Other times I need to sit down on the floor and peruse every single one. And it can take me a while. If there's nothing there that is appealing at that moment then I'll go through the pages of books on my Kindle and see if one of those jumps out. Some of these books have been on my shelf for eight years. Because I know once I start reading them that I'll love them and then it'll be over. Sigh.


  1. How often do you reread a book?

    1. Not very often. I find it hard to reread once I know the story.


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