Guarding Your Marriage: What you allow in

At first glace that picture is a little funny. And then you realize how serious it is.
Daddy is into porn.
He is destroying his family.

I've talked about this before, how porn ruins lives. It is utterly destructive, there is nothing positive about it. It has fueled a sex-slave industry, even here in our own country. Women are being lured into a life that they never imagined, that they don't want. Once in there is rarely a way to get out.

When Wayne and I were first married, within the first week, we traveled from Pennsylvania to Phoenix where we would make our home. Being young and poor, we stayed with friends and family along the way (and one very seedy cheap hotel that still makes me shiver). At one stop we stayed with a couple that were friends of his in Bible college, they were now pastoring a small church. I remember sitting in the living room and having this pastor's wife hand me a Victoria's Secret catalog, she said, "Go ahead, look at it together, it's fun."
I was appalled. I handed it back to her without looking at it.
It's not that I'm a prude. I just didn't (and still don't) want my husband looking at another woman's body. 
There is no room in marriage for more than the two of you. And that includes pictures of others.

Yes, I believe that VS is porn. It is the only store that I refuse to shop in. It's not because I don't like their "clothing?" it's because I don't like what they do to men. And women.

Their "fashion show" is nothing more than an evening of entertainment for horny men. Even their window displays in the mall disgust me. Turning unsuspecting pubescent boys into lustful young men. It teaches them that women are objects.

I agree that a woman's body is beautiful. But I believe that it was made for the eyes of her husband only. And that his eyes were made to view her body only.

I once had a friend come to me and share her concerns with me. Her newlywed sister's husband wanted to watch porn with his wife. He saw nothing wrong with it. This was also a pastor. I quickly informed her that he was wrong. 

I try to be careful about what I allow into our home. This means we have filters on our computers, we block access to a lot of movies, we avoid lustful things. I don't allow myself to read novels that would classify as "mommy-porn".  We taught our son to look away, he has trained himself to not look at the windows of certain store displays in the mall. 

I want my husband's mind to be filled with my body only. When he thinks about sex, I want those thoughts to be of me. Porn leaves seeds in the minds of men that they can't get rid of. They have flashbacks and see images over and over again. 

There isn't room for more than the two of you in your marriage. Be very careful about what you allow in your home. 


  1. When we are viewing TV, my husband will change the channel or turn off the TV during commercials. I appreciate his vigilance in keeping filth from our sight. Good post!!


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