Tales from Vacation 2015: Friday Part I Aroma House

 Our friends in Williamsburg had to work on Friday so we had the day to spend together. We drove down to Norfolk to do some more thrifting and we stumbled on this shop. Aroma Coffee House has been there since 1918, operated by the same family. They are now in their third generation. Check our their website here.

 They roast and grind their own coffee beans (and they roast nuts too!)

 The man sampled some coffee while I checked out the flavored tea.

 They invited me into the back to see and take pictures of the machines up close. The original machines that his grandfather used are still in use today, almost one-hundred years later.

These were some of the nicest people we met on our trip. If you're looking for good coffee (the man bought a bag of the chocolate raspberry coffee) then check them out. If you can't get to Norfolk then you can order online here.


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