Tales From Vacation 2015: Friday part II

 I apologize in advance for this one. Most of the pictures are of food. After we visited the coffee shop we headed into the downtown area of Norfolk.

Norfolk kind of freaked me out a little. There are a lot of low flying planes here. A lot. Probably because of that whole military base thing. *smirk*
I don't like planes.

I did enjoy the drive down, the scenery was pretty and we drove through a tunnel that went under water. Busy roads though. I'm glad that I live in a less populated area. 

I found a little natural bistro online and so all we had to do was find a place to park. We ended up in a parking garage several blocks away so we battled the reallycoldwind and walked until we found it. 

Love their simple menu

Caught the man in my spoon


Their homemade cardamom soda that the man ordered

Look at the butter knife. I love the shape of it.

Most of the restaurants that we visited in Virginia gave us a bottle of water on the table. What a great idea! The restaurant in NYC did the same thing. I hope that this trend catches on in PA. So nice to be able to fill our own glasses and then just have a full bottle brought to us when they notice that ours is empty.

Organic Sultry Strawberry tea by Tazo. Yes please.

Doing it right. When I order a cup of tea at a restaurant I do not want to be handed a Lipton tea bag. Course I also prefer a large mug. A little one is just pointless.

After lunch we wandered across the street to a three-story Dillard's. I haven't been to Dillard's since we left St Louis. It's one of the few things that I miss from that area. We shopped for a bit--separately, I went to the ladies floor and then to look for a new pair of pajama's. I ended up buying a sweater that was on clearance.

We didn't find a chocolate shop in Norfolk, but we did have this for dessert at the restaurant before we left:
Yes, it was as good as it looks.


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