Tales from Vacation 2015: Monday

We left Monday morning and headed into a week long culinary adventure. Since our town is not  known for good food (seriously, folks, we need good food here. Bold, The Phoenix, and The Knickerbocker are our current rotation in town) I mapped out stops according to restaurants. The first place we visited was Lloyd's Tropical Island Cafe in Winchester, VA.
We haven't had good Jamaican food since we left the Midwest. Visiting De Palm Tree in St Louis was one of our favorite places to go. Monday's food was excellent. I had the jerk chicken and the man had the curried goat. Both were served with steamed cabbage and rice & beans. Yum.

Next we headed out for some local chocolate and found Shenandoah Fine Chocolates. And we could have ended the search right there because this was the best of the trip. Seriously, so so good.

Love this sign that they have in their store.


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