Tales From Vacation 2015: Saturday in Williamsburg

On Saturday we got to spend the entire day with our friends. We've been friends with this family since our early days in ministry when our husbands were both youth pastors. We would see each other at different youth events and just hit it off. A couple of times over the years we lived close to each other and then one of us would end up moving away. I joked that God was thinking, "I'll give them another chance" and then He realized that we were trouble together and had to separate us again. This is my Marsha, my BFFWMTV. I adore her. Do  you  have a friend that you can just laugh with, laugh so hard that you can't breathe? 

There is so much wrong with this. I won't even start... And no, we didn't buy it. Just posed it for a picture.

A house in Colonial Williamsburg

Beautiful dress

These hats were just so pretty that I had to take a picture.

Clay wig curlers. I still need to Google that to see how this works.

My BFFWMTV's daughter perusing the dresses

Here were are again, the weather was so beautiful for a February day!

The man posing in a silly hat for me. Ah, the things we do for love.

An old-time auction

Me and he. It was the perfect day. I've only had a few perfect days that will forever stand out in my mind. This was one of them. One of my other perfect days was during our first year of marriage, and during our first months in ministry. We were living in State College and a little church was having an outdoor fall festival. They were selling all kinds of art and trinkets and bean soup that they cooked outside in a kettle. We bought a pint of that soup and took it home for lunch. I still remember that day.


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