Tales from Vacation 2015: Thursday

Stopped at this Goodwill store on our way to Richmond. The sign on the door is on backwards. Not sure if they hung the door wrong or if the stickers were wrong. In any case it made me laugh.

Chai latte with soy. Bliss.

Stopped outside of Richmond for lunch and to check out the swanky shops at Short Pump Mall. It was an outdoor mall. On a cold day. With lots of wind.That is so bad for the hair.We ate at Tara Thai and the man had Kapow with beef. I was just happy that he ordered Kapow. I love the name. We'd planned to have Indian at Lehja and arrived for lunch at 2:20. The sign on the door and online said that they are open for lunch until 2:30 so we made it just in time. Walked in and they told us that they were already closed for lunch. Their loss, I suppose. Though I think if they "close" early perhaps they should lock the door.  We walked all around the mall and went into several stores that I'd only ever heard of. Lululemon, Free People, Kate Spade, Madewell. I have to tell you that the Madewell shop was one of the worst experiences that I've had. There were two twenty-something clerks working and one of them followed us around the whole time we browsed. And not inconspicuously either. She didn't ask if she could help us, she just hovered. Followed and watched. Like we were going to swipe some overpriced denim or something. Very annoying. We stopped in at The Art of Shaving right afterwards and the clerk there was kind and merely glanced at us. It was weird. We also went to a three-story Macy's and the man found some great stuff on clearance.

We made it to Williamsburg later that day and I was reunited with my BFFWMTV (BFF who moved to Virginia). This is me with her gorgeous daughter. Isn't she pretty?


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