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Tales from Vacation 2015: Wednesday

On Wednesday we traveled to Charlottesville, VA where we would spend the night in a B&B. But before that we needed to stop at the long list of thrift stores that I found online. I was in desperate need to get some inventory. We found this little cupcake shop right down the street from Goodwill in a town called Waynesboro, VA.

The man loves his sweets.

I don't even remember what flavor it was. I do remember that they were kept in a refrigerated cabinet and were so cold and hard that they fell apart when he tried to take a bite. We let it sit out and then he ate it later. The frosting was good, but the cake was dry. Still have never had one as good as the cupcakes sold at D'Lites If you're in the mood for a cupcake, stop in there, they are perfection.

When it was time for lunch we stopped at the Shebeen Pub & Braai Restaurant. South African food. I've never had that and I'm always willing to try something new. Because American flavors are just blah.

All of the glasses that were on the table when we sat down were dirty. This one had lip prints still on it. We asked for clean glasses and the server washed two by hand for us. I mean, really? Ew.

That lip print didn't deter me. I ordered the lunch durban spiced chicken (chicken on sugar cane, spiced with annatto, mealie pap - South African grits- voodoo sauce on the side and mango chutney). The man had fish & chips and a bowl of Cape Malay curried corn chowder. This was my favorite meal of the trip. It was so good and different from anything I'd ever had before.

Chicken on a stick

After lunch we checked into our B&B and then walked around and explored the town. There was a market that sold all kinds of wonderful things including quail and duck eggs.

They also had bunches of salads like I make. Things like quinoa, farro, and the like.

Then we walked nextdoor to Gearhart's chocolate shop. It was fancy chocolate.

Trust me when I say that it looked much better than it tasted. If you like dark chocolate then you'd probably like this but I was still stuck back at the Shenandoah chocolate place in Winchester. Seriously, I had an "apple pie" truffle there that was dreamy.

This wall in town, just a few houses from our B&B. Food left for the homeless (at least, that's what my FB friends said it was for)

We spent a lot of time walking around Charlottesville and what a fun and interesting town it is. I think my heart is in college towns. They have such diversity in food. We had a late dinner at the Citizen Burger Bar. While we were in Virginia we noticed that most of the restaurants we stopped at left an old wine bottle full of water on the table for us. It was much more interesting than a pitcher. I wish more restaurants would do that. I don't remember which burger the man had, but I had the vegan burger which was a blend of quinoa, millet, and beets. It tasted okay but it didn't stay together at all. I had to eat it with a fork. The fresh cut fries, which are always a weakness for me, were amazing. I smothered  mine in malt vinegar. Yum.


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