Guarding Your Marriage: Let's Talk About Sex

I see you now. You look just like the woman pictured above.
Yes, I said we are going to talk about sex.
Married sex. Between a man and a woman.
The way that God intended it to be.

Side note here: I believe that sex is for married people. For a man and his wife. I believe that is the way God made us. I mean, the parts fit together don't they? They don't work any other way. Just saying.

It has been brought to my attention that some of you ladies out there are not having sex with your husbands. 
For months. 
Trust me, this is not something that you want to do.

How do I know this? 
Your man is screaming out for attention and he is talking to his friends about it. 

"It's been over nine months..." - said by the man who knew the exact date of the last time with his wife.

"It's been since our last child was born..." - said by the man with a child that is years old. 

I understand that you're not happy in your marriage, but guess what? You are causing a lot of the problem. And if you keep this up you may find that you are no longer married.

By keeping yourself from him you are opening the door for him to walk into the arms of another woman. These men are not only sharing their frustrations with other men, but soon they start sharing them with other women.

It may start innocently. 
"My wife doesn't understand me."
Yet soon those words will be met with a reassuring hug, most likely from a woman who is just trying to be a comfort to her friend.
Once this starts it is a slippery slope down into a new relationship that is unhealthy and ungodly.

You are ruining your marriage by withholding your affection from your husband.

I understand that it's messy. It's invasive. You're exhausted. You just want to go to sleep. You're cold. You just showered. You're sore from working out. Your mind is full of the eight hundred things that need done. 

You chose this man. You chose him for life. Can't you give him a few moments? Let him enjoy your body. He physically needs this. 

And there are plenty of other women out there who are willing to let him enjoy theirs. Whether physically or via pornography.

Schedule it on your calendar if you have to, get yourself in the mood and take care of him. Your marriage will be better in the long run. 


  1. So very true!!! The Bible states that our body is not our own, but our mate's. When we withhold sex, we are in disobedience to God's plan for the married couple. This union brings a husband and wife closer, intimate, in more areas than the bed. Husbands also enjoy their wives initiating this time together.

    As for getting in the mood, the more you make love, the more you desire to make love. Have you considered writing a post to wives to spice up their marriage.....a clean version, that is? I am thinking that there are generations of women who do not know how, or have lost interest, in keeping the fire alive.

    There is nothing about a married couple that should be hidden. Our husbands adore us, even if we know where the inches to lose are hidden, and often married us because they love what we consider flaws.

    For too long, sex was not discussed in the church. The beauty of this union was not discussed. I believe that this silence has done more harm than good.

  2. wow. i am so very glad to share this. you have said so many things that i tell so many women on a regular basis. :)


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