Spring is here

Spring is here and with its arrival have come the crazy birds. The robins seem to have nothing better to do with their time than to peck at their reflection in my windows. They mark up the glass with their dirty beaks, and annoy me to no end with the pecking.
My workspace is right next to these windows.
Here's how it plays out:

Innocent me (no comments here please) sits down with a nice cup of hot tea and dons the reading glasses (because I can no longer focus on things right in front of my face, including the computer screen) and begin to work.

The house is quiet except for the occasional snore of the dog.

Suddenly there's a tap, tap, tapping at the window.

I jump in my seat, my heart rate elevates, I look over my shoulder and peek out the window to see the robin. I scare him/her and it flies away.

I get back to work and it starts again.
I scare it away and yell at it to go dig up a worm.

This entire scenario is repeated all morning.
For three days.

Until our church secretary suggests putting a picture of a cat in the window.

I printed out a picture of a cute tabby and taped it up there. The bird is no longer tapping at my window.
It's either gotten bored, was afraid of the cat, or has died.

I really don't care what happened to it. My house is quiet again and I can think again.



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