Tired of the don't-say-this-to _______ lists on Facebook

Is anyone else tired of the "Don't Say ______ to the Pastor/Waitress/Teacher/Cashier/Pregnant Woman/Newlywed/Introvert/Graduate" lists that are all over the Internet these days?

It's almost to the point where you can't say anything to anyone, and it's getting old really fast.

I suppose I shouldn't say that it's getting old. That might offend someone who is getting old. And I just learned that this is a real thing. It's called ageism. 

Or if I say I'm about to go postal will that offend a mailman?

I recently read how offended someone was in a Facebook group because someone else said that they were gypped. Apparently this is offensive to gypsies and this woman (though not a gypsy) was angered.

In looking for the perfect picture I found out that you can't say "man up" anymore because "strength is not defined by sex or gender."
You can't say "run like a girl" because "my gender doesn't limit my athletic abilities."

And a slew of other words that you should apparently no longer say because someone will get offended.

I've learned that the offended person is the one with the problem. 

Here's what I say:

There are bigger things to worry about on this planet than whether or not you get upset over a word or phrase that someone uses. 

Yes, America is broken. I doubt that it'll ever be fixed. Most of the problem is that we've turned into an entitled society that only focuses on ourselves.

How about what's going on with ISIS? How about how our leader is turning our country against Israel? These are the things that we should be getting upset about. Look outside of yourself.

And yes, I apologize for the keep calm sign.

I prefer this one


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