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Word vomit.
The Urban Dictionary defines it as:
A point in a conversation where you say something that you really didn't mean to.
I told Robin that I saw Mike with some girl at the movie theater last night. It just came out of my mouth like Word Vomit.
I'm sure we've all experienced it. Several nights ago we went out to dinner with a group of people. We were all sitting around the table and laughing and telling stories. A subject came up and I had a funny anecdote to share.
It sounded so much better in my head.
Which is where it should have stayed.
I opened my mouth to share it and words just came out all wrong. I couldn't stop them. Once I realized what was happening I tried to fix it. I'm not sure if I actually was able to fix it or if the damage had already been done.
My husband said he just watched in horror as it happened.
I spent the entire next day mourning over the words that tumbled out of my mouth. 
I suppose that my own mouth will forever keep me humble.


  1. Been there, done that, and bought the Tshirt....


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