80s Memories

My dad traveled internationally for business a few times in the 80s. He always brought things home for us when he went away. Always. My sister and I anticipated his arrival and these surprise gifts.

I remember he went to Paris sometime around 1986. He brought me home real Parisian fashion magazines (these things weren't easy to come by back then) and these two pair of earrings. I still have them, tucked into my jewelry box. I no longer wear them, but I get them out every so often and remember his gift. I did get a lot of use out of them. 

The cloisonne ones I'd wear with dress-up clothes. Maybe pull my hair up all fancy in a banana-clip and let these dangle gently from my ears.

The hot-pin and black ones I'd wear with my neon clothing. Maybe tease my hair up into a side ponytail, making sure my bangs reached new heights.

Yes, the 80s were a wonderful time to be a teen.  


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