Auctions: My New Addiction

 For the past few months I've been wanting to start attending auctions. It just sounded like fun. I started by going to one not too far from where some friends live so they joined me for the first few weeks. So nice to spend time with this couple that I share a mutual friend with (my BFFWMTV for those who care). This couple has gone out of their way to explain the whole auction thing to me, to save me a seat, to help carry things to my car, to introduce me to people, and just make me feel comfortable. 
Going out of my comfort zone is usually a pretty scary thing for me and they've eased me right into it. An interesting side note is that their daughter was one of my youth leaders when I was in youth group back in the 80s. It's just nice to be with "safe" people. You know the kind, they just love you no matter what. No preconceived ideas, no expectations, just acceptance. So nice.

 The auction in these pictures isn't the one I've been regularly attending. This is one in a town the opposite direction, over some mountains and far from everything I know. Seriously, I don't know if I could find my way home from there without help from Siri. 
My sweet friend (pictured with me above) attends this one and I managed to talk her into letting me tag along. 
 Amish or Mennonite? I'm not sure, but the man in the blue shirt is the regular auctioneer and the bearded dude is his backup. 
 This autographed picture hangs on the wall by the ladies restroom. It took me a while to figure out who she was. Mandrell....Mandrell....ah yes, back in the day I remember some Mandrell Sisters. Was that the 70s or the 80s?
 They auction off anything. Here's a glimpse of what people were buying.
And this box just cracked me up. It was near the registration area. I'm  not sure what's so special about it. Apparently it's important.

I am so addicted already. I want to go to all of them. All. The. Time. 


  1. Pics look like Bellville. I miss the Amish auctions and flea markets!!


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