Recent Finds

We've a mish-mash of finds this week. Not all from the same place and not all to resell.
While looking through some Dr Seuss books that I obtained I found that one had a signature and a sketch in it. Very cool. 

This I found on a friend's porch on Memorial Day while I was fighting sleep. Some of the best decor are simple things. I love this idea.

Found this at the auction last week. I didn't buy it, just snapped a picture. Would you not just love to receive a box of chocolates like this? I know I would. Not sure what I'd love better, the chocolate or this vintage box. 

Another thing that I didn't buy at the auction, this muff. I did love it though. And I did stand there on that very cold day and warm my hands in it. I should have bid on it. I think it needed me.

I bought these on Amazon after savoring a cup of this tea while at the Spa at Bedford Springs. Much cheaper on AZ than at the spa.

These I did buy at the auction and promptly shipped them to someone in the Netherlands. 


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