Vitamin B6 - The Happy Vitamin

Vitamin B6 is known as the happy vitamin. I started taking this last fall after researching different supplements (this is the brand that I use). The difference that it has made in my life is really miraculous. 

I ran out of it sometime in March and didn't order it for a few weeks and during that time was a different person. My attitude was grumpy. My thoughts during a certain time of the month were scary. Yet as soon as I started taking it again they all disappeared. 

When I went to my yearly gynecological appointment I mentioned this to the nurse who was checking my vitals before the appointment. She told me that women who are on anti-depressants and then become pregnant take this during their pregnancies. It's that good.

Okay, two side notes here:
1. I have decided that from now on whenever I have to go to THAT appointment I will afterwards reward myself with a new pair of shoes. And for the mammogram? I will get a pink pair of shoes. It just seems that I should get something lovely after going through all of that ick.
2. If women can take a B6 supplement while they are pregnant instead of an anti-depressant why don't the doctors just tell them to take B6 in the first place?
Oh wait, I know why.
The FDA and the drug companies are in bed with each other and the kickbacks for the medical professionals is pretty good.

So, ladies, if you are having some trouble with clarity, or depression, or mood swings, or hormonal changes that cause attitude problems, I suggest getting a natural B6 supplement. This means from a health store, not a GNC or WalMart. You want to avoid chemical supplements at all costs. 

Go, get your B6 and be happy!


  1. I turned onto B vitamins during the worse years of my life. It helped me, with the Lord, to cope with the stress. I still take the vitamins and as you, notice a difference when I don't. For me, they calm and take the edge off of what would be stressful for most individuals. Co-workers going through "the change" have shared that it has helped them. Great post!


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