Iced-Tea Spoons

Some time ago I had a conversation with a lady who was complaining about always burning her fingers when she stirred milk and sugar into her coffee. The spoon wasn't long enough and it was making her angry.
The next time I saw her I gave her and iced-tea spoon. She later commented that I saved her life and her fingertips because now she could stir without getting burned.
I never mentioned the obvious to her. 
She already had what she needed but she never saw it.
You know that fork and knife in her drawer, right next to the teaspoon?
Yeah, those both would've worked just fine. I've used a butter-knife to stir my tea. I've also used a fork. They work fine. Doesn't matter that it wasn't their intended use. You use what you have.

I've often found that to be true in life. We generally have what we need right in front of us.

Sometimes we just need to open our eyes.


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