On Gossip

My friend wrote these words on her Facebook page this week. I thought I'd share her wisdom...

"If you don't have all the facts, you should not share the information...
Gossip is a sin. The command not to bear false witness is lumped in with thou shall not murder and thou shall not steal because of all our faculties, the tongue is the hardest to control. It robs people of their character, maligns the purposes of God in a person's life and bears false witness against the character of God!
If you hear something from a third party source, you are not to share it. If you hear something regarding a situation between two people and you are not one of the two, tame the tongue. (Even having information from one of the two does not qualify as the whole truth!) Do not share a prayer request for someone as a way of sharing some sensational tidbit of information that is most likely inaccurate.
If you are dying to know TRUTH...go to the source.
And, understand that the Word is true. Your sin will always find you out. Not only does the Father know every word before you speak it, the person you are speaking about inevitably finds out as well.
Better to always keep the mouth shut unless you have accurate information and have been given permission to share it."  -Vicki Eaton Weikle

Sometimes we need a gentle reminder to just keep our mouths shut. Too much information is destructive. 


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