A Confession of Sorts

I recently went to a yard sale where there was this shelf filled with all kinds of things, including a bunch of mugs. I picked up the green mug (the dollar bill was completely covered, I didn't see it until after I picked up the mug) and turned it over to see the maker of the mug. 
Out. Poured. Coffee.
All over the shelf.
I admit, I started giggling.
And then I looked around to see if anyone saw this happen. No one did. So then I did what comes naturally, I took a picture.
I was too embarrassed though to tell them what happened.
But seriously, if you're drinking coffee at your yard sale why would you rest your cup next to mugs that you're selling?

So, there you go.
If you can't laugh at yourself then go ahead and laugh at me. Life is funny. Loosen up and enjoy it. 


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