Let's Talk Fashion

I know I've never been known for my style. No one has ever said, "Hey, there's Suzanne, she's always dressed just right." It isn't me. And I'm okay with that. 

I did, however, birth an offspring that these words can be said about. How that happened I'll never know, but my girl has style. Lots of style.

Anyway, can we talk about fashion rules a little?
I mean the basic ones. 
The ones I'm pretty sure no one is talking about anymore.

#1 - Please don't wear a dark bra under a light shirt. This is not attractive. No one wants to see your bra. Your bra has one purpose. To keep the girls in place.

#2 - While we're talking about the girls....yeah, I'm totally going there. Can we keep them out of sight? I am so tired of seeing boobs. One of the reasons I prefer winter to summer is that the boobs stay hidden for the most part.

#3 - This is along the same lines as #1. If you wear dark underwear please don't wear them under light colored pants. This is not a good look on anyone. 

#4 - While we're talking about pants...sometimes we all gain a few pounds and our pants "still fit". Well, just because you can get them zipped doesn't mean that they fit. Do a backside check in your mirror. If you can't see back there then have someone take your picture and show you. You might be surprised at what the rest of us have to see.

#5 - Belly shirts are not for grown women. I'm sorry, they just aren't. They look cute on little girls, but not on big girls. I saw one a few weeks ago that was showing stretch marks to the world. No, just no.

#6 - Yoga pants. Do I really need to say anything more about this? They were made for yoga. If you aren't doing yoga then don't wear them. If you have to wear them then please, I beg you, just wear them at home.

#7 - Leggings. Very similar to yoga pants. Very few women can pull these off without wearing something that covers them to mid-thigh. I'm talking like 2% of women. Most likely this isn't you (I know it isn't me!) Leggings can be cute, but they can also show way too much. It's best to get a tunic or long sweater and just be comfy and fun with that look.

#8 - If you are showing a camel-toe then you need to change your pants. This should never ever be seen. It's just ick. 

#9 - Just because it comes in your size does not mean you should wear it. You know what I'm talking about. I'm sure you've seen it at the mall. Or Walmart.

And that is my little lesson for today. Tune in next time when we discuss deodorant and soap. 


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