Why Didn't You Visit Me?

On the flip side of the "no visitors" post I recently wrote, there is the "I was in the hospital and you didn't come visit me" subject that I'd like to cover.

My pastor-husband has heard this many times in his 20+ years in full-time ministry.

"Why didn't you visit me?"

Um, because you didn't let the church know that you were in the hospital.

Really, this happens. A lot.

I could just finish this post here and leave it at that because it's self-explanatory, but I don't understand the reasoning behind it. If you go into the hospital and you want your pastor to visit then you better call and let him know that you are in the hospital. He doesn't call into every area hospital every day to ask who was admitted and see if he recognizes the name of anyone. Who would do that anyway? I know that's a ridiculous idea, but so is the idea that he is just going to know that you are there.

Quit being offended because you aren't getting the personal attention that you want from your pastor, especially if you aren't telling him what is going on in your life. 

He isn't plugged in to the local gossip line. He doesn't get the latest news on everyone. 

He does, however, visit those who call and let him know that they need a visit.

It's quite simple, actually. 


  1. You mean, he's not a mind reader??? Hm. I'm disappointed. ;)

    1. Ha! He doesn't even have me figured out :p


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