Memory Foam has Ruined Me

Several years ago the man said that we needed a new mattress. I was not in agreement because I was quite happy with our aging, comfy bed. She and I knew each other well, she had a little spot carved out for my curves. And by curves, I mean hips. If you are a woman then you know what I mean by this. We have hips and most beds hurt these parts of our bodies. I'm a side-sleeper, I need my hips to be cushioned.

He researched and decided to get a memory foam mattress. I wasn't happy. I wasn't happy when he bought it, when it was delivered, when we opened it and left it on the porch to air out, when we gave our old mattress to someone who was sleeping on a floor, when he put the new one in the room, and when we covered it with sheets and crawled in the first time.

It took me about a month to warm up to it. And now it has ruined me.

Travel has never been a thing I get excited about. There's just so much to do to prepare for it. 
I don't want to leave the dog. - There are people who love my dog and love taking care of her.
I don't want to have to mess with the mail and the packages. - I have friends who are happy to bring my stuff inside.

This recent trip that we took had me a mess when packing because, "Who knows what I will feel like wearing next Monday?" For real. I said those words. But it's true. You can't just plan that out. Especially if you are a woman with hormones.

My biggest thing though is now my bed. I've always been a fan of The Princess and the Pea. It's my favorite fairy tale because I understand her. The struggle in an uncomfortable bed is a real one. And now that I have memory foam, nothing else compares. I toss and turn all night when I go away. This keeps the man awake. Because with memory foam, he never feels me move. In a conventional bed, I shake the whole thing whilst trying to get my hips to be cushioned. There have been times when I've had to stick a pillow under my hip just so I can sleep. I'm sure my chiropractor would love to hear that.

So my life is a little different than most people. Most people are all, "Three more sleeps until vacation!" and I'm counting down the sleeps until I can get back home into my comfy cushy bed. 

And I get to go away again next month.

Yay. Sigh.


  1. I understand your packing struggles. I've said similar words. It drives me crazy when I get to my vacation, and I no longer want to wear what I packed.


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