Adventures in Blair County: The Knickerbocker Tavern

The Knickerbocker Tavern is one of our favorite places in Blair County to eat. They have the best roasted tomato soup that I've ever tried. Their fresh-cut fries are not rivaled and their burgers are divine. The blackened steak wrap is just a whole bunch of yum. What keeps me coming back though is the souvlaki. See it pictured above? Skewers of marinaded chicken, onion, and tomato served with a small salad with a lemony dressing and tzatziki sauce on the side. This. Is. Amazing. They have it in either chicken or beef and the chicken is my favorite. This is probably my favorite dish in all of the county. It is unparalleled. So much so that they run out of it regularly. 
Another favorite thing about the Knickerbocker is that they have an outside eating area that they refer to as the Kourtyard (yes, the way it is spelled drives me a little crazy). One can sit out here and dine and feel like they're on vacation because this can't possibly be right here in our town. 

If you haven't been here because you think it's only a bar then you are missing out. You enter and walk through the bar but the dining areas are much larger and the food is really good. More flavor than most other places in town.


  1. You must promise me that when I come and visit, you will take me here for souvlaki. I am DROOLING!!!!


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