Why I hate Halloween

I hate Halloween. There. I said it.
The reason I hate it may surprise you. 
If you've ever been to church or been around any church people this time of year then I'm sure you've heard the history of this day and its pagan roots. If not, you can find a brief history here. Over time, tradition has changed this from a pagan ritualistic time to a day of fun for children. I have never wanted to rain on a child's parade or take away their fun, but I hate this day.
Aside from the creepy ghoulish decor people line their yards with, which seem to get worse with every  passing year, a simple pumpkin or two would suffice but the need for scenes from slasher-type horror films in your yard is not where I would want to take my impressionable child. Why fill their minds with scary thoughts any more than necessary? The world is a scary enough place without bloody hatchets in the arms of gruesome figures dressed in black.
I hate this day.

The reason I hate this day is not any of the above. I hate it because it truly is a weapon in the enemy's handbook. He pulls it out every year and uses it to cause division among Christians. Ephesians 6:12 says, "We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." (KJV)

I've seen followers of Christ far too often fall into allowing themselves be used by Satan and his minions to cause confusion and division in the church. He uses topics like these to create tension and disunity. 

When we (as Christians) point fingers at other Christians and berate them for what they are doing, especially in a public forum such as Facebook, we are not doing the work of the Lord.

The world is watching us. We are to be the light and when they see this nonsense we inflict on each other it gives them more reason to want nothing to do with us.

We, as Christians, need to stop being so focused on the lives of other believers and instead look at our own lives under the microscope we hold. Our personal relationship with Jesus should be the one we correct and discipline. If you need to correct someone else, please do it in private.

If someone chooses to take their child dressed as a frog door-to-door to collect sugar-laden candy which will make them hyper and ruin their teeth then that is between them and God. Not between you and them and God. 

If you feel so strongly about it then pray for them. Pray that God will have His way in their life.

This is why I hate Halloween. Because it destroys the reputation of believers. Because it creates tension in relationships. Because it causes anger. Because we allow the enemy to win.

Next up: Santa Claus


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