Funny Things

This sign is actually a couple years old. I'm in an online group who was having a contest for the best-worst yard sale sign and when I saw this I knew I had it in the bag. I whipped the car into a parking lot so fast that I scared myself. Pulled up next to the post and took the picture. I am sure you realize that I won the grand prize (a Starbucks mug) for my find. Yerd Sail? Really?
I did not almost wreck the car order to take this picture. This was taken after the fact and I lamented on FB that I'd missed the event. Still in mourning over that.
Do you remember the ads in the back of magazines when we were little? I always secretly longed for the fascinating ant farm. Almost as much as I wanted those crazy sea monkeys. 

Lighten up and laugh a little today. 


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