Funny things

This is a review on Amazon for a lice treatment kit. This is why spelling is important.
Many years ago I sold for a direct sales company based in Chicago. They had a warehouse sale and I purchased this at the sale in 2001. It was a flat piece of fabric. Brought it home and a lady in our church added the back fabric and a handle and I used it as a tote bag for several years. I then tired of it and stuffed it and hand-stitched it shut along the top. This was at the auction we attend. I picked it up and recognized my uneven stitching. I made this pillow. So weird to see it there. And no, I did not purchase it again.
Anybody need a walk?

Long before I married I worked at a small family-owned business. The owners of the establishment had a clock like this hanging above the front counter. One day she told me that she loved to give these as wedding gifts and I can honestly tell you the threat of receiving one of these is one reason I didn't invite them to my wedding. I didn't want one. 


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