Adventures in PA: Julius Sturgis Pretzel in Lititz

In the town of Lititz, PA there is a pretzel bakery. I'm all about hot pretzels. I quit eating bread several years ago (unless I'm at an Italian restaurant and they tempt me with garlic bread- and not that stuff at the Olive Garden, I'm talking real Italian garlic bread) because there's really no point in bread, all it does is make my thighs doughy. But I cannot pass up a hot pretzel. Some rules are meant to be broken. The hot doughy inside, the firm outside, the salt. Yum.
I had no idea what I was about to experience when we walked into the Julius Sturgis Pretzel shop. 

This is what we got. These are $1 each or two for $1.99 (that made me giggle) and they are given to you right off of the belt. Seriously, these were almost too hot to hold but I survived. The struggle is real.

If you ever find yourself in Lititz (you should because it's lovely) then I recommend a stop at the Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery. You can take a tour (we didn't) and you should enjoy a pretzel.


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