Adventures in PA: Lititz

Visited one of my college friends not long ago and we spent the afternoon in Lititz. Have I ever mentioned that decades-old friendships are the best? They're just safe and comfortable. Like no matter what, they are still going to love you. This is one of my favorites.

While there we checked out a very cool vintage shop where I found this mannequin who is now my profile pic on FB. I adored her.
Upstairs in the shop we found a plethora of vintage hats which we tried on and giggled over.

We walked a few blocks down the street and stumbled on Linden Hall, a prestigious girl's boarding school. This is fancy-schmancy. Not unlike our own Grier School just down the road from me. Beautiful buildings.

The oldest girls' resident school in the USA. Very cool. I would have loved to tour the buildings.


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