Adventures in PA -- Mt Lebanon

It's no secret we love to eat out. Date day a few weeks ago consisted of a trip to Pittsburgh. We had some business in town and afterwards decided to visit family but needed to lunch first.
Pulled out my phone and Googled, "Best restaurant in Mt Lebanon" because I *heart* Mt Lebanon and wanted to be there. Found Bistro 19 which had the highest rating. Check out their website here.
Ordered the hummus appetizer which came with warm pita. There really isn't much better than warm pita. 

Wayne got the steak salad which he said was flavorful but could've been better with a better quality cut of meat. Too much gristle.

I got this. The world's best veggie wrap.
It's on the menu simply as veggie wrap, but once you try this you'll agree with the moniker I've given it. It was cooked perfectly and the veggies were warm and drippy and so. much. yum. I could hardly stand it.
I want to go back for another.


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