Favorite Things: Deep Steep

Deep Steep is one of my favorite product lines. They are natural products with ingredients I trust, at affordable prices. I always seek these out when I visit my favorite store, TJ Maxx. This line isn't sold anywhere locally (that I know of) and I usually have luck finding it at TJ Maxx. This snowflake scent pictured above is a delightful surprise. It is light and vanilla-y with hints of something I can't quite remember. 
This body wash gives a nice lather and you only need a little to cover your entire body. I. Love. This. Stuff. 
I've tried some of their other products, and I also enjoy using the body lotions and foot creams. Not real thrilled with their body scrub though, it is really thick and covers the bottom of the tub/shower stall with a thick, slippery, deadly sheen. 
I first discovered Deep Steep on a trip to Cape May at least a decade ago. It was tucked into the corner of a little boutique. I bought some grapefruit bergamot hand lotion in a stick. It smelled like sugary fruit cereal, but I loved it. 
I'm a fan of this stuff for life. If you can find the snowflake scent, grab some up before it disappears. Trust me, you will thank me.


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