Funny stuff

Came home to find this in the mail from the Franklin Mint. It's a little creepy to me that junk mail has our names on it. That it's already personalized. I'm so weirded over this I can't even tell you.

Why would anyone choose Insect Creations as the name for their store? The name alone caused me to not take another step closer to this business. Nope.
Over the weekend we parked on one side of an elementary school where there was an event open to the public. The street we wanted to visit was on the other side of the school so we just walked through the building to get there. I had to go while I was there and used the girls room. It's been decades since I used the girls room. The sinks and toilets were so low. It cracked me up.
This tee shirt. That's all. You're welcome.


  1. Hahaha! Great funny things! Although, I work in an elementary school, so the girls restroom thing isn't quite as strange to me...haha


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