Once in a while an opportunity arises out of the blue and it's up to us to find a way to take advantage of it.
I've been a fan of Cindy Morgan since early 1992 when she released her debut album, Real Life.
 Part of the fun of music for me when I was younger was discovering new artists. Before the internet there really wasn't a way to do this other than listening to the radio (which I was never really a fan of) or just buying albums. My strategy was to pick albums based on the cover. Sometimes this was a miserable fail but other times it worked really well, as it did when I bought this one. Full of pop songs and ballads, it was what I needed.

I continued buying all of her works as they released and grew to love the lyrics this woman wrote. Her songs ministered to me over the years in ways that few other artists did.

On Sunday I was scrolling through Facebook and up popped an announcement for a Cindy Morgan show the next day. A little under two hours from home. How did I not know about this? I quickly texted my friend who is also a fan and we decided this was kismet.

After making sure we could attend and finding out it was a taping for Cornerstone Television we hit the road.

The show will air on Saturday November 28 (Thanksgiving weekend) at 6:00 PM

The set up was that of a living room, couches and chairs and a few candlelit tables. Very intimate and lovely. Less than twenty people in the audience. My soul needed this. 

Cindy's latest release is Bows and Arrows
If you are looking for some new music with lyrical depth then I urge you to purchase this. The songs are written with an unparalleled expertise and each one has ministered to  me in a different way. I've had this album for a little over two months and each week have been stuck on a different song. This album is proof of Cindy's staying power, she's an artist who has grown and changed over the years. Consider purchasing it.


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