Things I Don't Want for Christmas - 2015 Edition

 On a recent trip to Barnes & Noble I found a few things I don't want for Christmas, such as this Twinkie cookbook. Because, ew. Twinkies shouldn't be eaten by themselves, let alone used as an ingredient in something else. Unless you like the cardboard with sugar taste. 
 I know some of you are cat lovers, but I am of the dogs-are-superior camp so this calendar is something I do not want.
 Though the dummies part of this book applies to me, the calculus part does not. Calculus? Seriously? I know my daughter got like 105% in her calculus class in high school while I barely inched through Algebra I with a straight D-average. Letters are for words, not math.
 Road Atlas? They still sell these? I don't need one. I have Siri and my own instincts. 
This Star Trek thing. I am not a Trekkie. At. All. I'm barely a Star Wars fan. Okay, I tolerate Star Wars. Give me Back to the Future, that's more my style.

And finally, this. I do not want this nor anything to do with her and the likes of her for Christmas or any other time. I don't understand why Christians entertain this type of thing and open doors to their souls. Don't mess with this stuff, even as entertainment. Consider this a warning.


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