Do You Have a Dog?

I'm of the opinion that dogs are superior to cats. Many reasons for this, the most important being: people matter to their dogs.

When you walk into a room, your dog lights up. He is genuinely happy to see you. Beyond that, you have seemed to change his life.

My dog has taken a liking to being under my bed, which is funny because she really doesn't fit under there. When she goes under you can hear her clawing away at the carpet to move her body between the bed and floor. She barely makes it.

But once she's under there there is no getting her out. You may be able to bribe her with a treat but she's generally under there until she gets over whatever set her to retreat to that safe place.

The thing is, when someone comes home when she's under there she gives herself away. Her tail starts wagging. She can't control her back half. She is always happy to see us.

My husband arrived home late last night after some football game and I was in bed and she was under bed. Thump, thump, thump. I'm fairly certain she knew he was home before I did. Thump, thump, thump. Her tail started quietly hitting the floor and then picked up in both speed and volume. 

As he walked up the stairs it was like listening to the applause at a concert. She didn't stop until he bent down to peek at her.

Dogs are great. I think every person should own a dog once in their lives. To be able to experience true acceptance. No matter how bad your day has been your dog thinks you're the best person ever.

They love unconditionally. She is happy to see me whether I'm dressed up with full hair and makeup or if I'm a sweaty mess and just off of the treadmill. She thinks I'm the best.

I'm pretty sure she's the best too.


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