My History with Fiestaware

It was either late fall of 1987 or early winter of 1998 when I first heard of Fiestaware. I was a freshman in college and it had always been my dream to see The Wizard of Oz on the big screen. A theater in downtown Pittsburgh was having a film festival and they were doing a double feature of That's Entertainment! and The Wizard of Oz so I begged up a group of friends (I can't remember who went, there were four of us) and we made the trek towards town. Parked and road the streetcar in.

The theater charged original ticket prices and original concession prices so it was a cheap evening of fun. My dream came true as I watched Dorothy navigate her way home.

During the intermission they had a giveaway and as they called out the ticket number I realized that 18-year-old me won a service for four set of Fiestaware. I had no idea what this was other than several heavy boxes that we then had to take back to school via the streetcar. Thankfully we did have a couple of strong boys with us.

I hung onto that Fiestaware for a few years and never used it. After being married for some time I decided to get rid of some stuff (because I love getting rid of stuff!) and had a garage sale. An old lady came and agreed to purchase my Fiestaware dishes for $35. I was thrilled and so was she. She arranged to come back later in the day with the cash and when she came it was dark outside. We made the exchange and she slowly backed out of my driveway and into the street. And across the street. And over the small hill into a field of dried cornstalks.

I don't remember much after that. I know she called her son and he came and somehow got her out of her predicament. I also know it was one of the stranger things that I've watched happen. It was in slow motion. She just kept going.

I didn't laugh then but I sure laugh about it now.

And that is all I think of when I see Fiestaware.

The end.


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