The Problem with America

In November of 2000 I joined a direct sales company in hope of being able to pay private school tuition for my son who was then in first grade. I was no stranger to sales and liked the product line being sold so I went for it. In the little over three years I spent with that company I won trips and had my face in the catalog, apparently other people liked the product too because I was a selling machine.
While I was with this company I believed they were the best. The best products, the best hostess program, the best trips, the best owners (I mean, they told us themselves that they cared about each one of us, yet in my experience when I had one on one time with them they didn't pay attention to what I was saying, always looking around for someone else to talk to), and the best payment plan. At our company events they told us over and over again that they were the best. 
We began to believe it. I began to believe it.

But guess what happened?
The company folded. They lost it all.
Deceit, lies, mismanagement, and pride ruined them.

Proverbs 16:18 clearly tells us, "Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall." (NIV)

I see the same thing happening in America.

We've been told for decades that we are the best. 
We've told the world for decades that we are the best.

Prideful much?

It's been said that all great nations fall after about two hundred years. Our two hundred is up, baby.

We have let too much creep into our society including deceit, lies, and mismanagement. 

When one walks a path lined with sin he will end up ruined.

This current election season is bewildering. I have never seen so many fore-running candidates who would be laughable if it weren't so pathetic. We have gone from classy to trashy. From men of honor to men full of pride. Though I'm concerned for our welfare (oh yeah, the welfare system - don't get me started on that fiasco) I'm not worried about our future.

It's going exactly the way the Bible predicted it would.


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