Not Enough Chocolate

 When I say I'm particular about my chocolate and only like good chocolate this is the kind of stuff I'm talking about. I found these treasures in Lititz, PA. I mean Cinnamon Horchata in milk chocolate? Yes, please. I adore milk chocolate. I know dark chocolate is better for you, but milk chocolate is better for me. I've tried to like the dark but I can't. It's just not good. Please, eat up all the dark chocolate but save the milk chocolate for me. Thankyouverymuch. I bought these dark chocolate bars for my people who like that kind of thing. The cinnamon horchata is for me.
 Mexican Hot Chocolate flavored coconut milk caramels? What? Yes, these are made from coconut milk. And they are Mexican hot chocolate flavor. That means they have cayenne pepper in them for a little heat. So. Incredibly. Yum. I think when this container is empty I will be buying more on Amazon because my people love them.
 Not only do I love milk chocolate but I am crazy about white chocolate too. It's just creamy loveliness. What's not to adore? And this chai latte white chocolate could be the best thing ever in my little world of chocolate exploration. 
Sometimes I buy things because of the packaging. I did this with record albums in the 80s (Kim Boyce anyone?) and still with some things today. I haven't tried this one yet but I'm positive it'll be worth the $5 I spent on it.

What's your favorite chocolate?


  1. I think I need a care package. :)

    1. Some of it was good and some was really bad. I mean icky.


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