Ten Things I'd Tell My Younger Self

1. The people in your life now will most likely be in your life later. Remember this. You may not like them now but they may turn out to be a good friend later.

2. You don't know it all and you're not as smart as you think you are. I see this in so many young people. Wisdom comes with experience and experience comes with age. It just works that way. 

3. Watch out for that curb at Kohl's when you start your job as a merchandiser. If you remember this tidbit it will save you the embarrassment of being laid out on the sidewalk with a torn pair of pants, cut knee, skinned palm, and the contents of your purse scattered. The cars won't have to stop and people won't have to rush to your side asking if you're okay. 

4. Journal more. I know time gets away from you but you've got to write this stuff down because truth is stranger than fiction.

5. In opposition to the first one we talked about, some people are not your friend. They just want information. Be guarded but kind. Watch what you say around them, they will twist your words. 

6. All of the advice you ever heard about ministry and what you should be doing? Remember the only one that mattered: "Be yourself."

7. Always enjoy the chocolate but don't waste time on bad chocolate, the calories from bad food aren't worth it. Remember how long it takes to burn off that icky tasting piece of Whitman's. 

8. Learn to accessorize. This has always been a problem for you.

9. Be comfortable with who you are. Take a Meyers-Briggs personality test and find out what your personality type is. You will learn a lot about yourself and why you react the way you do once you have this knowledge. It is powerful information and it will impact every area of your life.

10. Sometimes the things you go through serve to make you stronger. Difficult people and difficult situations can bring maturity and insight later. Don't fret over the hard days and the hard people.

Here's my friend's Adessa's blog which inspired this post: For A Single Purpose


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