You Should See This Food

 While in Camp Hill, PA last week we found this Greek restaurant. I thought I'd share their dessert case with you. Because...look at it. Why do people eat things like Little Debbie snacks when there is stuff like this out there? Madness. 

 Then I realized the pictures of the whole case weren't enough and that you deserved to see each one individually. You're welcome. Let me know in the comments which ones speak to you. 

We went for dessert one evening and then for lunch the next day. On dessert night we shared this baklava cheesecake. I had the beautiful hot chocolate and he had some kind of latte. The next day we ate lunch and took a black forest cake to go. It too was yum. But those sweet potato fries pictured above? I'm changed. Seriously. Drizzled with honey and cinnamon. This should be part of my daily routine. Yup. That good. 


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