Every Story Has Two Sides

There are always two sides to every story. The picture above is a good example. The same bridge with two different views. Both pleasing to they eye in varying ways. One side shows the sea and a lush tree, the other shows winter in the desert with mountains at the edge. If I were to ask you to pick your favorite side you may or may not choose the same one I did.

Life is a lot like this picture. People and the situations we find ourselves in have several angles to view from. What appears one way to me may look different to someone else. What I hear the picture being described as may sound totally different the next time someone describes it to me.

The same rings true with stories we are told.

It doesn't matter if you're friends with the one telling your their side, or if you like the person telling you their side better than the other person. Unless you hear or experience both sides you may never know the truth.

The wife who was being abused by the "nice guy"-- There are always some who will never believe her because they know the husband and he would never do that kind of thing.

But you've never been behind their bedroom door with them.

The pastor who was belittled as he left a church because he "didn't see things our way"-- You weren't with him and his family as they cried and prayed over your church. 

Your friend who was fired from her job at McBurger-Queen -- You only know her side of the story. Did she tell you she was never on time and that she called off repeatedly?

The next time your attention is on one side of the story, remember there is always another side. 

Don't believe everything you hear.


  1. And half of what you see. That is how we finish that line, "Don't believe everything you hear"..and half of what you see. LOL

  2. Oh, so, so true. It's hard to remember this at times. And, of course, we want to side with our friends and be supportive, which certainly clouds our judgement. Definitely a good reminder!


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