Not Impressed

I've never been one to be impressed by what the world finds important.

I don't care what kind of car you drive.
I don't care how big your house is.
Your sparkly jewels don't make me envious.
I don't care who you know or who you've met (I find name-dropping one of the worst things imaginable).
Your accomplishments, or the letters after your name, don't change my perception of who you are.
Your designer handbag doesn't impress me one bit.

You're either nice or you're not.
Kindness is impressive.
Your ability to forgive is admirable.
Your work ethic that motivates you to get up early every day and get the job done is what I'll remember about you.

What I find impressive is when you reach down to tie the shoe of a toddler who isn't yours.

When you give your shirt to someone.

Receiving a thank-you note impresses me.

When your kids ask for more vegetables at dinner (seriously, I had a family over for dinner not long ago and their kids asked for more Brussels sprouts - whose kids do that? Supremely impressive!)

When you display the fruit of the Spirit in your life I'm impressed.

That other stuff doesn't matter. 


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