Stuck in a Rut

I've been pondering memories lately, filling in a journal that asks questions about my earliest remembrances. I think my earliest memories involve riding in a car driven by my mom. She and I are not a lot alike. I can stay home for days at a time and she needs to get out and go somewhere each day, even if it's just to get a newspaper or cup of coffee. It's no wonder I remember riding in the back seat, even tucked into a car seat before they were mandatory. For years a memory has floated around the periphery of my mind and I wasn't sure if it was something that had happened or if it was a dream from decades ago. I recently asked my mom about it and she laughed and said that yes, it had happened.

We were driving the back country roads in Rhode Island in the very early 1970's and somehow, maybe she was trying to turn around, got stuck on a rock. The car didn't budge. My recollection of this is vague, but I do remember pieces of the story. Mom tells me that it impacted me as a toddler because I muttered for months afterward, "stuck on a rock, stuck on a rock." It happened again a few years later, though a tree stump this time. I don't remember much of that story either, but I do remember the time a few years ago when she ended up stuck on a guard rail after escaping being stuck inside for a few days due to a winter storm. 

Being stuck is not a fun place to be, yet many of us find ourselves stuck and wondering how we got in such a situation because sometimes, doing the same thing the same way can stop our momentum and glue us to the floor. 

The thing with being stuck is that no matter how much you move around trying to wiggle yourself out of your situation you rarely succeed. Sometimes trying to get unstuck makes you stuck even more. 

This is true in many areas of our lives and often we don't know where to turn for help.

Mom was able to get unstuck with the aid of the friendly tow truck men. All three times. It isn't always quite that simple for us though.

Stuck in a dead end job.
Stuck in an abusive marriage.
Stuck in a cult.
Stuck in addiction.

These are places where it seems there is no way out, but God always has a way out. 

The job you hate may be a stepping stone to one you love. Dealing with problem people in the workplace is a part of life none of us want to partake of, yet when we learn how to handle them, when we gain maturity from the tension, we can propel into deeper levels of responsibility. A boss or leader who sees us being strengthened by the cords tightening around us will pause to recognize the way we handle ourselves. 

The wife in the abusive marriage can find a friend to trust, someone who can help her find a way of escape. The Lord never wants his children being abused. If this is you please find someone to talk to. If no one listens keep searching. I had a friend contact five pastors before one would listen to her and help her escape her abuser. 

If you find yourself stuck in a church body that is not what it had appeared to be and now you're threatened with being cut off from everyone you love, please know that God does not treat His children like that. He is the head of the church, not a man or a woman claiming to be His. Read the Bible for yourself. Learn it. Discover its truths on your own.

If you are stuck in addiction there is a better life outside of your cycle. Step back and look at your life. Are you happy? Do you want more for your children? There's a world full of wonder out there, there's peace, friendship, acceptance, laughter....You are worth so much more.

If you're stuck find the help you need.

Mom didn't sit and wait for help to find her when she was on the rock (or the tree stump, or the guard rail), she found someone who could help her. You can do the same. 


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