Exploring the Simple Things with Suzanne Schaffer | Real Life (11/8/17) - Simple Things interview on Cornerstone Television Network

I need to preface all of this by telling you how instrumental CTV was in my life as a teenager. In the 80s most of my friends were into B94 and the Hot 100 list. I found my musical niche in the CCM arena and Channel 40 and Lightmusic was always being viewed in my home. I was into all of them....Amy Grant, Michael W Smith, DeGarmo & Key, Petra, Kim Boyce, Kathy Troccoli, The 77s, Steve Taylor, Sheila Walsh...I had a ton of records.

Yes, vinyl.

It was the 80s after all. 

I entered all of the Lightmusic contests and won three of them.

Front row to Amy in 1985 --the night the Wise Up video was filmed. And you can see my little teenage self bopping along and singing wildly. 

To sixteen year old me this was pretty fabulous. I also won front row tickets and backstage passes to Petra and Randy Stonehill that same year.

Several years later I won a trip to Nashville to appear in a DC Talk video and then was a guest on Lightmusic to talk about it.

Lightmusic and CTV were a big part of my growing up in Christ. I am glad they provided the entertainment they did. Even if only for me, I appreciated it.

I was humbled and honored to be invited as a guest on their Real Life program to talk about my book, Simple Things. 

I had so much fun sharing with Teri and Amy during the interview. Everyone I met was kind and reflected the love of Jesus. 

Click below to watch the show.
Purchase your copy of Simple Things HERE

Thank you, Cornerstone, for allowing me to share.  


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