Who Can I Trust?

"My daughter is getting proposed to tonight," I told Alexis, a friend I hadn't seen in a while. I knew she'd be happy to hear the news, "But don't tell anyone, keep it between us." She promised not to say a word.

Later that day I made a few calls and invited some people over for an impromptu engagement party, complete with cake and confetti.

"You should stop by tonight at about nine o' clock," I told Trisha, without revealing the reason for the invitation.

"Because your daughter is getting engaged tonight?" she asked.

I almost dropped the cake on the floor when I realized our mutual friend had broken the news to Trisha.

Okay, I almost threw the cake when I realized it.

A promise of, "I won't tell anyone," was record-breaking short lived. My heart dropped and I silently vowed to never tell this friend anything again. 

My list of those I can trust seems to grow shorter each day.

If Alexis couldn't be trusted with this news who knows what else she would pass on. 

What is the promise of a friend worth?

Apparently it was more important to be the broadcaster of the news than to be the keeper of it. We love to know the latest, good and bad. The feeling of being in the know feeds our ego, being able to share such information gives us the appearance of being important.

Do you know what's more important?

Being the one who can be trusted.

Being the one who can keep her mouth shut.

Being the one who only talks to God about what she knows.

I've mentioned before how gossip has taught me a plethora of information about myself. I've been divorced and dying of cancer. #StillMarried #StillAlive

I know people will do what people do and I am not easily offended by what they do anymore, but I also know who I can and cannot share my heart with. There are very few who know the real me. 

Other people's news and stories are not ours to tell. Be the kind of friend you want to have. 


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