2018 Favorite Things

I know I've been bad at keeping up this page lately. It's fourth quarter on eBay. That should explain it all. I'm busy shipping, listing, cleaning, sourcing. 

I also know you've been craving my 2018 list of favorite things. 

It's kind of a tradition. And probably only important to me ha ha.

So here it is. The moment you've been waiting for.

Suzanne's list of favorite things: 2018

Gentle Leader Headcollar. 
This is life-changing.
My dog cannot pull me when we walk. She used to lunge for rabbits, she used to dig her feet in and lean to one side if there was something interesting to smell. Now we walk and the leash is loose the whole time. 
Get one. Trust me.
Your dog will hate it for the first week or so but will then be used to it. 
Sunbeam heating pad with massager. This folds over my shoulders and relieves my stiff and achy mess in minutes. It's bliss. 

Nail polish by Starrily. It's the best I've used and the prettiest. This shade is called Sea Glass. It really is that beautiful when applied. I may have to start a GoFundMe so I can afford all of them....

If you're going to use good polish then you need a good topcoat. I love the Essie Gel Couture Top Coat. It's superior to any other I've tried. It seals in my glitter or flakie nail polish and helps my at-home manicure last for a week. This stuff is gold. I get mine on Amazon but I've seen it at Target. 

Persimmons made the list? 
I know you're thinking that. 
But yes, Trader Joe's dried persimmons are on the list. These taste like candy. They're just fruit. That's all you need to know. 

This book. 
This book is one that I'm 100% in agreement with. 
In 2018 it's probably politically incorrect and will likely offend people, but this book is truth and needs to be read. 

Faithful Workouts have changed my life. In truth I discovered it last year, but I've been doing them several days a week since then and have gotten stronger. I have arm muscles, people! Evident by how my shirts are now tight in the shoulder and upper arms...sigh. And I have a tight core. I can plank. It's pretty impressive. Especially since the only upper body workout I used to get was stirring cake batter. 

Monkfruit sweetener. 
I like this because it's a stevia alternative, it's natural, and it tastes great. I use this in my morning tea. I've been off of sugar for a few months and this gives me a little sweet treat without messing me up. It's good stuff. 

TJ Maxx is totally on my list. 
If I'm honest, TJ Maxx could be the list. 
It's always and forever my favorite store. 
This is pretty much the only place I shop. 
No malls, no department stores. 
Just TJ Maxx. 
Their constant changing selection is full of name brands and good quality merchandise that can't be found anywhere else. I just love to take a cup of tea and wander the store. So many wonderful things waiting to be discovered. 

 These freeze dried banana slices from Trader Joe's. 
The only ingredient is bananas. 
I want to love bananas, but most of the time they make me gag. 
I don't have that reflex with them this way. They are crunchy and yummy. One bag is two servings. I hope I always live within driving distance of Trader Joe's. They have so many good things. 

There you have it. That's my list. What are some of your favorite things that you discovered in 2018?


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