Be Dazzled

I'm pretty sure when I say Be Dazzled all my friends think of the 80's gadget used to decorate clothing with bling and how much it reminds them of me. 

And rightly so. 

I admit, I love all things sparkly. 

Sequined shirts. Glittery shoes. Jeans with embellishments. Sparkly fingernails. Check. Check. Check. Check.

Yet there's so much more to this phrase.

I saw a pin on Pinterest a few months ago that read, "God must be really disappointed if we aren't dazzled at least twenty times a day."

While I don't think He's in heaven shaking His head if we aren't dazzled by His creation, I do think He appreciates it when we are.

This has skipped through my mind ever since I saw it and I've begun to be intentionally dazzled.

When I turned on the yard light at 6:00 AM to let the dog out and saw the frost glittering on the grass like a trillion diamonds, I was dazzled.

When I made a middle of the night trip to the bathroom and saw the crescent moon hanging in the sky through my window, I was dazzled.

When I viewed the morning fog separating the hills and valleys, I was dazzled.

When we took the long way and saw an eagle soar overhead, I was dazzled.

When I stood on the balcony of my cruise ship cabin after midnight and caught a glimpse of the northern lights, I was dazzled.

When I lingered on the balcony and the only light I saw was the starlight all around me, I was dazzled.

When I saw humpback whales breach and flip their tails, I was dazzled. And yes, when they talked to me (hey, I saw Finding Nemo, I totally know whale talk), I was dazzled. 

Fall leaves.

Wooly-bear caterpillar.

Heart-shaped rock.

The first snowflakes of the season.

These have all dazzled me. 

I've slowed down to see the importance of being dazzled. And each time I've thanked God for His creativity and allowing me to see it. 

It's my hope that in 2019 you take time to slow down and notice the dazzling display around you. It's happening every day. The laughter of a child. The first crocus peeking through the snow. Allow yourself to be caught up in it and then remember to thank the Father for the things that He has done. 

Be blessed. 


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