Coffee on My Plate

There are two types of people in the world. Coffee drinkers and tea drinkers. There are two types of people in my home and they are the same as the above. One of us (the one who has a beard*) prefers coffee. The other detests it.

Okay, maybe that's a little harsh. 
I don't detest coffee. 
I love the smell of it and I  love it as an ice cream (hearkening back to some of my earliest memories in Rhode Island, indulging in Newport Creamery's coffee ice cream as a very little person). 
But hot, in a cup? No thanks. Cups are made for tea.

My husband received a Christmas gift that's been life-changing for him. It's a cold brew coffee maker. He makes tomorrow's coffee today. This involves a drippy filter and this morning he grabbed the closest thing to hold under the drippy filter while carrying to the garbage can.

My breakfast plate.

I'd just defrosted my Ezekiel Bread raisin English muffin in the microwave so I could cut it in half and toast it. My plate was waiting for the toaster to free my breakfast. He grabbed my plate and carried it under the dripping filter, "I'll wipe it off," he said when he noticed the evil eye I was giving.

I took the plate and wiped it off with a paper towel. Then I sniffed the plate. "It smells like coffee," I put the plate in the sink and took a clean one from the cabinet.

"You're kidding, right?" he asked.

"Dude," I said. 

I call him dude when I'm slightly annoyed. 

"Dude, it's like one olive on a pizza. It's ruined. I'm not tainting my breakfast with the taste of coffee."

Because even a little would ruin it.

The plate looked clean, there wasn't any obvious evidence of coffee on it, yet it was carrying the scent, thereby rendering it unclean.

Just because something looks clean or sounds clean doesn't mean it is.

For example: the singer who lives an ungodly lifestyle and performs a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace, which has the Christian community applauding, isn't suddenly someone to look up to. Anyone can sing a song. It doesn't mean they're living for the Lord.

The person who wears a gold cross necklace. Same thing.
The celebrity with a Jesus tattoo. Same thing.
The person on Facebook who quotes Bible verses all the time. Same thing.

Just because it looks okay doesn't mean it is.

The only one we should model our lives after is Jesus Himself. Everyone else will disappoint.

Don't put your hope or faith in people. Humans do human things. That is what set Jesus apart from the rest of us. He was God, in human flesh, dwelling among us, showing us how to live. Only God does God things. The rest of us? We're just covering up the scent of coffee on a plate. Because no matter how hard we try, we are still flawed. 

The forgiveness of God, made available through the sacrifice of Jesus, allows us access to Heaven. It's not because of us, only because of Him. Without Him, we are nothing. Keep your focus on the Lord. He will never let you down. 

*I am not the one with the beard. In case you wondered. Menopause is hitting me hard, but not that hard. 


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