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2020 Favorite Things

2020 has been the craziest year. I decided to release my favorite things list a little early, not that it's important to anyone but me ha ha. These are things that impacted me over the past year -- in a positive way. I could easily do a least favorite things list for this year, as I'm sure could you. It was hard to find positivity in 2020 but there is always something to be thankful for. The sun still rises and the tides still sweep across the shores. We are still free -for now- in the USA. Read on to see what I enjoyed this year. 

Silk pillowcases are on my list of new favorite things. For the past ten years or so I've found it hard to sleep on a rough pillowcase. They almost feel like they burn my skin, some can be very abrasive. I've taken to using the old pillowcases, the ones a few washes from the trash can, the old cotton tends to soften. Until silk pillowcases came my way. *Cue organ music* So luxurious. Apparently there are legit reasons to use these (no sleep wrinkles, they are good for your hair and skin, etc), but all I need to know is that they are soft against my skin. I'm a fan. 

Usually when I mention a food item as a favorite it's something sweet. This tomato wrap from NewGem Foods is a mind-blowing idea. The ingredients are pictured below. So easy to use these, you close them just like you'd seal a spring roll wrapper. A little water on the end, roll it, and it seals. These are perfect for people who want sandwiches...and fries. They also come in carrot and mango, but why? The tomato flavor is the only one you'll need. 

kai rose body buffer. This thing. Oh my goodness, people. If you treat yourself to one beauty item this year, let it be this. These come with two in the package. They are heavy sponges filled with rose scented soap. I mean, like the soap company unloaded all of their soap into these two sponges. They last forever. I use mine a couple times a week and I've been using it for months. The sponge exfoliates and the rose soap cleanses. Paraben, sulfate, phthalate, phosphate, and gluten free. Just beautiful rose fragrance in a tough sponge. 

The Bethlehem Bar. I can't believe I haven't told you about this treat before now. I discovered it a few years ago at Wegman's in State College and it's pretty much changed me. Made by The Granola Factory in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, I'm not sure if it's sold nationally or not, but they do have online ordering available. And if you'd rather not have chocolate chunks with roasted pecans and salted caramel....they have a raspberry bar with raspberry, white chocolate, and roasted almonds. I haven't tried that one. I see no reason to when I can't get past the original. Sigh. Wish I had one right now.  I only buy them once or twice a year, to make sure they always stay special to me. And to make sure I can still fit in my pants. 

This Apricot Scrubble by Jason is one of the best face scrubs I've ever used. I stumbled upon it at TJ Maxx (my favorite place to stumble upon things....) and have fallen for it every time I've used it. And it's called a cute is that? I started using apricot seed face scrubs back in the 80's when there was one simply called Apri. This one is so much better because the scrubbing seeds are smaller. It rinses well and leaves my skin soft and exfoliated. 

Yes. It's toothpaste.
I kinda have a thing for toothpaste. I don't buy the normal Crest, Colgate, Close-Up (do they even still make Close-Up?). I look for natural ones without all of the junky ingredients I try to avoid (fluoride, sodium laurel sulfate....)
Found this gem in an Avon catalog and I love it.
First of all, it's in a pump. Genius!
Second, pink salt. No, it does not taste like salt. It's minty fresh.
Third, IT'S IN A PUMP.
The only problem is that my Avon lady quit selling. 

Paromi bourbon vanilla tea. Oh. My. Tealovinggoodness. I'm always looking for a new black tea. I'm very picky with the tea I like. I like chai, vanilla, English breakfast, and a very few others. This vanilla is incredible. I was a little afraid to spend $9 on this glass jar with fifteen teabags in it, but am glad I did. I've already scoured their website to see if they will have other teas I might like (they don't ha ha). But I will get this one again. 

The world constantly tells us that we are enough, and that goes against Biblical teaching. you're not enough (and that's okay) by Allie Beth Stuckey is one of the best books I've read in a long time. She shares myths that the world teaches and reshapes them into what the Bible teaches. If you're looking for a self-help 
book from a Biblical perspective, then grab this little volume as fast as you can. And if you're on social media, I urge you to follow Allie Beth on all of the platforms. She's my favorite conservative. Smart. Practical. And sometimes sarcastic. Love her. 

Another Gospel? by Alisa Childers is an answer to my prayers. Unassumingly, over the past couple decades, the church has been dismantled by those within. This shouldn't come as a surprise, the Bible warns that false teachers will arise from within. Social media has given voices to these teachers and they've gained an enormous following among Christians. People like Jen Hatmaker, Sarah Bessey, Glennon Doyle, Nadia Bolz-Weber, and others are twisting scripture to the standards of the world. Dig deeper into Progressive Christianity and you'll find basic Christian tenets completely washed away. Alisa (former ZoeGirl member) shares her story of searching the truth in the scriptures as she was tested by her pastor at a progressive church. Instead of embracing the doubt she fought for the truth. This may be the most important book you can read right now. I'm also a big cheerleader of her podcast. She doesn't back down from naming and debunking false teachers, and she does it with love and kindness. There are lines being drawn in the church, separating truth from deception. Be sure you're following the truth. I urge you to read this. 

There you have my list. Anything you'd add?  


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