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2022 Favorite Things

I missed last year but have compiled a list that is for 2021-2022. 

Most of these things are edible ha ha. 

Magnesium is something that most of us are lacking. This Calm Creme by Lemongrass Spa (Yes, I am still a consultant but I don't do parties anymore) is an excellent way to get magnesium. I was making my own magnesium lotion until they came out tight this. It is available in the lavender/vanilla scent or peppermint. Use on feet, legs or anywhere with sore muscles or cramps. 

I actually found this stuff in 2021 and have since forgotten about it. Milk Street coffee sugars. They have several different varieties but we liked this one best. Really good in tea (or coffee, if you're into that....)

Savannah Bee Honey. Whipped Cinnamon. I have tried other brands of whipped cinnamon honey (trying to save some money because this stuff is $18 a bottle) but they cannot compare. These people know what they are doing and this stuff is amazing. 

Uh yeah. They make it in chocolate too. This, along with the Prana Chai (see below) makes for a fantastic chocolate chai. I am not the same after using the Savannah Bee whipped honey. 
Due to the stress of 2022 I have given up caffeine. A decision I do not recommend. However, it send me on a search for a good decaf chai. My favorite of decades, Tazo Chai, puts chicory in their decaf (I hate chicory) - so that was not an option. I had to go to Australia (figuratively) to find Prana Chai. Their decaf blend is perfect for me. Discovered this brand at a coffee shop in Donegal, PA. Researched online and am now a fan. 

Ashwagandha. This herbal supplement is good for lowing cortisol levels and helping to reduce stress. I take it daily now. Over time it has really helped. It isn't one that works right away (though hemp oil or gummies do!), but takes time to regulate. 

Lemon balm tea is very calming and soothing. Need a stress/anxiety relieving tea? This is it. Tastes like lemon. Really good on its own or with some honey. 

These little maple candies are the size of a mint and are so yummy. Just a little treat to myself. My three-year-old grandson often asks for one of my special candies. He enjoys them too. Natural ingredients. 

Speaking of maple....these Quinn Maple Almond Butter Filled pretzel nuggets are perfection in salty pretzel goodness. Quinn pretzels are mostly natural (some seed oils) and are so crunchy and satisfying. This flavor though. Nothing like it. 

We've actually switched over to Quinn pretzels in general. They are really good and good for you. I find them on Thrive Market or iHerb. Crunchy pretzels with great flavor. Love them. 

Counterfeit Kingdom. Digs into the NAR movement and shows how deceiving it can be. People, read your Bibles and learn truth so you can discern what all of this stuff is. Biblical Christianity is all we need. 

Hope you enjoyed my list. 

Merry Christmas! 


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